We are a family owned and operated business

We care about our customers and endeavour to provide them with a professional service that is second to none.
We only buy top quality equipment because we want to provide our customers with the right solutions.

The Drain Pipe King Difference

Experts in our industry

There is no need to dig up your driveway or landscaping. Fix your pipe blockages using no dig pipe relining.

No Dig’ Pipe Repairs

We can offer you ‘No Dig’ pipe relining solutions to fix your broken pipes. You do not always have to dig them up! Superior relining products are used and a guarantee is provided. 

Blocked drains can be cleared with a high pressure water jetter. Be aware of the electric eel as it may damage PVC pipes.

Pipe Specialists

We only specialise in pipe problems such as blocked drains and pipe rehabilitation. We know how to fix your pipes quickly and efficiently. 

Robotic pipe cutters are useful to reinstate laterals after the pipe has been relined. Only specilaised plumbers in Brisbane have the expertise to use one.

The Best Equipment

Using the wrong equipment will take a plumber longer to complete your job. We have specialised tools for every type of blocked drain and all our operators are experts in using the equipment.


The advantages of the Drain Pipe King difference

Because we specialise in our field of expertise, we have mastered it. Other plumbers call us when they are stumped because that’s what we do – we solve pipe problems!


From the moment you make contact with us, you can expect high quality service because we provide professional care from start to finish.

Our mission & values

To provide a superior product to our customers by maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and software and by employing capable personnel with high levels of competence, integrity and commitment to the industry.

When you get a blocked drain, choose a specialised Brisbane plumber with the right equipment.

Innovation in the Plumbing Industry

We invest in the latest plumbing technology and equipment so our customers can benefit.

Call a specialised plumber in Brisbane for drains blocked with tree roots.

We Respect Our Customers

Clear communication and respect of our customer’s property and time is our priority.

Pipe relining is a fantastic alternative to digging up pipes. Ask your Gold Coast plumber if they offer relining services.

Education of Staff

All technicians carry out ongoing training on how to use our specialised equipment correctly and efficiently.

Different blocked drains require various jet rodder nozzles. Ask your Gold Coast plumber how many jetter nozzles they carry on board, this will save you time and money.

Health and Safety

Procedures and operation of equipment put our customers and technician’s health and safety first.