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It's important to clean your floor waste grates so they do not get smelly

What’s that smell?

Cleaning floor grates Often, customers will complain of a foul smell emanating from their drains. Although it is likely this is caused by a blockage in the sewerage line, often there can be other factors which may be causing the smell. Hair, soap scum and dead skin accumulate in the floor waste trap and begin
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Strange Blocked Drains

Little People causing BIG problems Anyone who has a toddler knows how hard it is to watch them every minute of every day, they move so quickly! It only takes a few seconds for them to make their way over to the toilet and PLOP! One of their toys is in the bowl and they
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No dig pipe repairs

Pipe Relining – saving you time! When digging a pipe up and replacing it is not an option or it will create a huge mess, pipe relining will get the job done. Internal pipe repairs or ‘no dig’ methods are becoming increasingly popular amongst Australian plumbers, and for a good reason. Pipe relining is suitable
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Kids like to put toys anywhere...FLUSSSH!!!

Types of jetter nozzles

Variety is the key Each blocked drain situation is different. This is dependent upon the cause, type of pipe material, location and density of the blockage. Because no blocked drain is ever identical, the method in which it needs to be tackled will vary. A high-pressure water jetter and CCTV drain camera is the most
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Are wipes flushable?

The myth There are all sorts of wipes currently on the market which serve many various¬†purposes; from baby bottoms to adult cabooses, anti-bacterial hand wipes and everything in between. Although ‘flushable’ wipes are marketed as such, contrary to popular belief, they are terrible for your sewerage system! Ask any plumber who has been out to
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A reline installed by another plumber which has failed. A robotic grinder is required to remove the failed sleeve and a new one will need to be put in.

The Robotic Cutter

For the tricky jobs… Robotic pipe cutters are relatively difficult to come by in Australia. Only specialised plumbers in the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions may offer these services. Basically, a¬†robotic cutter can be described as a grinding head attached to a maneuverable remote controlled mini tractor, which can go inside the pipework and grind
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Cleaning your pipes

Introducing…the water jetter Electric eels have been used to clean pipes since the dawn of time. Old earthenware / clay pipes were installed in new houses prior to the 1970’s until PVC pipes were introduced. Thus, when a drain blockage occurred, the electric eel was called in to do the dirty work. Since then, it
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