Blocked Drains


Our clients

We use high pressure water jetters to clear blocked drains for our business customers. Our various customers include:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Builders
  • Civil Construction
  • Local Councils
  • Architects
  • Various local businesses ranging from restaurants to mechanics


We offer a 24 hour emergency blocked drain service. Some of the blockages we have encountered and cleared include:

  • Smaller and larger tree roots
  • Concrete inside a pipe
  • Grease and fat buildups
  • Foreign objects such as nappies
  • Children’s toys
  • Rocks lodged in the pipework
  • Broken pipe due to subsidence
  • Blocked storm water trenches


Please feel free to visit our gallery and look at some of the blocked drains we have cleared.


Our equipment

We have high pressure water jetters and CCTV drain cameras to suit any blocked drain situation. If we determine the cause is a broken pipe, we can also quote to repair the pipe with our ‘no dig’ relining technology. We have a large variety of nozzles to fit our jetters, which means we are able to clear blockages quickly and effectively, saving you and your clients time and money.


Drain Pipe King have a range of CCTV drain cameras suitable to every blocked drain situation.







Before you hire a high pressure water jetter, call the experts at Drain Pipe King.







A pipe blocked with tree roots can cause all sorts of grief for Brisbane home owners. Some symptoms of a blocked drain may include a gurgling toilet or a slow draining sink.