CCTV Drain Cameras


Why Use a Drain Camera

Using a drain camera while cleaning a blocked drain allows the blockage to be physically seen and located from above the ground. A drain camera allows the guesswork to be removed so the problem can be pinpointed quickly and easily. Once the cause and location of a blocked drain is determined, it can be accurately assessed and an appropriate solution provided.


Once the pipes have been cleaned with a high pressure water jetter, the CCTV drain camera should be reinserted into the pipe to confirm it has been thoroughly cleared. It is important that the drain camera be of good quality with clear vision. Some cheaper drain cameras have an inferior camera head that produce murky camera footage making it difficult to clearly assess the state of the pipe.


Other Drain Camera Uses

  • Investigate building subsidence issues
  • Locate layout of pipes
  • Investigate branch lines and junctions
  • Identify cracks in pipes


Our CCTV Drain Camera Features

  • Many different sized cameras to suit both residential and commercial scenarios
  • Clear image quality – high resolution is crucial, you get what you pay for
  • Waterproof
  • Investigate pipes from 16mm to 750mm in diameter
  • Camera up to 90m of pipe length
  • Large screen monitors – this makes it much easier to see cracks in the pipe when quoting for a reline
  • WinCan reporting
  • Tractor camera to crawl along the pipe and access branch lines and junctions
  • Steerable, pan and tilt camera allowing rotation of the camera head to gain full view of the pipe
  • Self-levelling features – this tells the plumber where the bottom of the pipe is. This is crucial because this will indicate where exactly the damage is, if the image is upside down or the wrong way round then the damage may not be assessed properly
  • Portable cameras to access difficult locations
  • Camera Sonde to locate the camera while inside a pipe (useful for exact location of problem area)
  • Video and camera footage can be transferred onto a DVD or USB stick for easy storage and use
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • We have different sized cameras to suit both residential and commercial scenarios and we are able to offer our customers WinCan reporting upon request.


Types of Drain Cameras


Tractor cameras available for all your specialised plumbing services.


It's important to choose a specialised plumber with a whole range of CCTV drain cameras as each job is different.


Specialised plumbers may save you from having to hire a rigid camera the Brisbane area.


Consider working in conjunction with a specialised plumber before paying for sewer camera rental.



A large CCTV drain camera screen is crucial in assessing pipe damage caused by tree roots.



A drain camera inspection cost can vary from one plumber to the next. Choose aplumber with a CCTV drain camera with a self-levelling head as these are more accurate than others.