Electric eel or drain snake vs. water jetter

Electric Eel

  •  Heavy steel cable with a metal head that can damage PVC pipes
  •  Designed in 1920s for clay pipes
  •  Cannot clear grease blockages
  •  Will punch a hole through tree roots and only rip some of them out
  •  May smash through PVC pipe bends and cause further damage – rough on pipes
  •  Short range cable capacity (approximately 30m to 40m)

Water Jetter

  •  Soft hose attached to powerful nozzle, does not damage pipes
  •  Latest in drain cleaning technology
  •  Will completely clear grease blockages with ease
  •  Will completely clear tree roots of various sizes and flush the line clear, free of all debris
  •  High pressure water and flexible hose will travel through PVC pipes with ease and without damaging them
  •  Long hose which is able to reach various areas of pipe even if access is not favourable (anywhere between 60m and 120m)



Why hire an electric eel or drain snake when you can call the professionals in. Jet rodding gives a more thorough clean of tree root blockages, without damaging the pipes.