Pipe relining quotes


Quite often, clients will ask if we are able to provide a ‘ballpark’ figure for pipe relining over the phone or if we are able to use another plumber’s footage to provide a quote. Unfortunately, we cannot quote on a job we have not looked out ourselves as there are too many variables that will have an effect on the price.


Our aim is to provide you with an accurate quote so you can be well informed throughout the pipe relining process. Some of the variables are as follows:


  • Camera footage must be very clear (filmed with a high quality CCTV drain camera) to enable proper identification of defects that require repairs
  • Pipe size needs to be accurately identified with a CCTV camera (the pipe liner must match the size of the pipe otherwise the liner will fail)
  • The type of pipe needs to be identified (e.g. concrete, PVC, clay)
  • Junction pipe fittings, gullies and traps are more expensive to reline and therefore need to be considered when quoting
  • Inspection points need to be located in order to determine where access can be gained to carry out the relining. Sometimes there is no inspection opening present and access needs to be made through the toilet sewer hole by removing the toilet
  • Sunken pipes or pipes with a ‘belly’ (no fall or back fall) may not be able to be relined or it may not be the best repair option therefore investigation is important
  • Accurate measurements taken from entry and exit points, including reference points along the way are important for accurate quoting
  • A dirty pipe or one that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned inhibits the ability to provide an accurate diagnosis and quote
  • The type of defect and size of defect needs to be clearly visible with a good quality CCTV drain camera to determine the best relining product required to carry out the repair
  • If surface protection is required to the work area, extra care will need to be taken which could impact the price
  • If a bypass pump or flow control is required while the works are being carried out the cost of the pump and the control would need to be factored in
  • Depth of pipe to determine if lining system is strong enough to endure ground forces or if an engineered lining system is required
  • Overall Condition of the host pipe (e.g. does the whole line need relining or just a few patches?)