Robotic Pipe Cutting



What is a robotic cutter?

A robotic cutter is a specialized drain pipe tool with a diamond impregnated steel cutting head that can to cut through obstructions with ease. The robotic cutting head is attached to an air hose that is inserted inside the pipe where it spins around and grinds away the obstruction. It can cut in a 360 degree motion which allows joints to be resurfaced effortlessly providing a smooth finish.


A robotic cutter is useful to remove concrete from pipes as well as grinding back protrusions inside the pipe.


A robotic cutter is useful in the following situations:


Removal of Difficult Sewer Blockages That a Jetter Can Not Remove

  • Very thick tree roots
  • Remove concrete, steel, star pickets and timber pegs from the pipework
  • Damaged / crushed pipe removal prior to relining
  • Grind out general obstructions in the pipework
  • Clean drains such as descaling barnacles on cast iron pipes


Uses for Pipe Relining and Pipe Patching

  • Remove failed reline jobs
  • Remove rust
  • Able to cut out junctions where a straight reline has been done over the lateral pipework
  • Grind pipes that may have dropped, smooth out the transition from the dropped pipe to the new pipe
  • Cut out pipe penetrations (taps hanging too far into main)


Robotic Cutter Features:

  • Use in pipes ranging in size from 70mm to 250mm in diameter
  • Records in video footage and still images
  • Joystick operated for precise control
  • Able to be navigated around tight bends
  • Can be used in vertical pipes
  • Highly portable with 70 meter hose length



A robotic grinder is tough enough to grind out steel such as star pickets and other obstructions in the pipe causing drain blockages.