Floor waste gully


What is a floor waste gully?

The floor waste is a central drain that is connected to other waste water fixtures such as the shower or bath. This central drain has a grate set at floor level and carries all the waste water to the sewer pipe. The floor should be sloped towards the floor waste so any water on the floor does not pool but flows down the drain. If a pipe is backed up under the house, sewer may come out of one of these drains.


When waste water comes out of the floor waste gully

A blocked drains sewage is not designed to come out of a floor waste, however it can happen if the overflow relief gully (ORG) outside has been covered up or not installed correctly. It can also overflow if the blockage is under the house between the fixture and the ORG. Tree root entry in pipes under the house may also lead to floor waste gully overflow as it has actually managed to bypass the ORG altogether.